Hi , my name is Kevin Simper and I am a full stack developer. I really like React.js , Docker and Kubernetes .
I also like to organize meetups and make presentations 💻. I really like to snowboard 🏂, and bicycles is my prefered transportation 🚴.

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2018-01-10 - a month ago

How we do Docker Multistage builds and share Github private repositories

2017-08-20 - 6 months ago

Review of CircleCI newly launched 2.0

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2017-07-02 - 8 months ago

How to deprecate fields in GraphQL

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2017-06-17 - 8 months ago

Is Ethereum ready for developers?

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2017-03-20 - a year ago

How to test google cloud services locally in docker

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2017-03-03 - a year ago

How we work at Connected Cars

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2016-09-25 - a year ago

Make cloud provides outprice each other

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2016-09-24 - a year ago

Continuous Deployment & Continuous Integration — 10 things to do and not to do!

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2016-09-23 - a year ago

Self-hosting email in 2016 is still hard

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2016-09-17 - a year ago

How to average RGB colors together?

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