I have done 27 presentations at differnet meetups. It is something that I really like to do and wants to do more!
How to stay secure/anonymouse in a modern age
WonderCoders - 26. October 2017
I gave a 20 minutes presentation about how to communicate and browse securely, how to use tor and using encryption easily with Keybase.io
Serverless workshop
CopenhagenJS - 23. October 2017
I gave a practical workshop on how to use AWS Lambda and API Gateway where everybody got to deploy their own serverless workshop.
What I learned teaching workshops
DockerCon Europe Organizer Summit - 16. October 2017
I gave a talk about what I learned giving workshops at the Docker meetup group and some tips and tricks to do it better.
How to not burn out as a Organizer
Copenhagen Tech Week - 16. October 2017
A talk about learning and ideas for being a meetup organizer through my experience running CopenhagenJS and Docker Copenhagen for 3 years.
What is Cloud Native
Docker Copenhagen - 3. August 2017
A gave a 25 min presentation about Cloud Native and what it means.
Introduction to Docker
Docker Copenhagen - 13. July 2017
I gave a 2 hours introduction to docker and a live code demo.
Creating an intelligent Facebook bot
Copenhagen JavaScript - 19. January 2017
I showed how to make a facebook messenger bot that used speech recognition.
How to be an awesome developer and get paid well at the same time!
ITU Innovators - 6. October 2016
What does it take to be an awesome developer and how do you ensure you get paid well.
Learn to be a DevOps - Workshop
Docker Copenhagen - 4. October 2016
A workshop that teaches the flow of continuous integration and continuous deployment.
Distributed file system with IPFS
Foo Cafe Copenhagen - 19. September 2016
A presentation about distributed hash tables, hashing of files and hands on use of IPFS.
React Workshop
React Lima, Peru - 14. June 2016
Made a workshop on how to get started with React and the attendees made a contact formular.
Universal Apps - The good, the bad and the ugly
React Lima, Peru - 14. June 2016
My experiences on developing universal apps and what to do and what not to do.
How to deploy with Docker
Cusco Developer Group, Peru - May 2016
I showed how to deploy a website from scracth with Docker.
Docker Introduction - What you need to know
IT University of Copenhagen - Marts 2016
Talked about why Docker matters and the reason why it is a billion dollar company. Showed a demo on how to use Docker.
Swarm 1.1 release and Introduction
Docker Copenhagen - Marts 2016
Showed the newest version of Docker, including that of rescheduling of containers.
Kubernetes Introduction - Workshop 3 hours
Docker Copenhagen - February 2016
Made a workshop with 5 scenarios on how to use Kubernetes, from launching a Kubernetes cluster on your own computer to the hardest scenario of launching a fault-tolerant Redis cluster.
Introduction to HTML and CSS
Codher Introduction Weekend - January 2016
Prepared a introduction to learn a group of girls how to think in HTML, "everything is a square" and the semantic of html tags.
How do you survive key-loss with Docker?
Docker Copenhagen - January 2016
Gave a thorough guide on how docker hub can survive a key loss with their Docker Notary project. Talking about how they switch out root keys and their standard they have published.
JavaScript Jeopardy
CopenhagenJS - January 2016
Prepared a 30 multiple-choice about everything from founders of projects to how to change the inline style of a element with basic JavaScript.
Introduction to Docker - Workshop
Docker Copenhagen - December 2015
Gave a 3-hour introduction to Docker about everything you need to know. We talked about why it mattered and how to get started with Docker on their next project.
The land of Isomorphic Apps
CopenhagenJS - November 2015
Talked about my experience creating a universal app. What to do and especially what not to do!
Face Recognition on old pictures
Hack4DK - October 2015
During a hackathon, I worked on doing facial recognition and then gave a presentation on what I found interesting with the results and how to get started with it.
Introduction to webtorrent
Copenhagen Frontenders - August 2015
I had been hacking around with webtorrent and gave a talk about this project. I showed some small projects that I have made and explained the concept of webtorrent and what made it work.
Lessons learnt building with Reflux.js
CopenhagenJS - May 2015
I talked about lesson learned working with Reflux.js, a simple flux implementation. I showed why a unidirectional flow was a positive thing for both the development and debugging part of web development.
Docker Hosting - How to ship those containers?
Docker Copenhagen - February 2015
We all love containers, but what are the actually easiest ways to get started hosting those containers online. I showed an example on how to get started with hosting containers on Tutum (now Docker Cloud).
Firespeed prototyping with Firebase
CopenhagenJS - April 2014
I had been working on Firebase some time and showed how it was awesome for small and quick prototypes where you wanted something awesome quick.
20 minutes Super Mario
CopenhagenJS - Februar 2014
I showed how you could build a Super Mario clone in literally 20 minutes of time with Crafty.js and all the built in modules.

Work Experience

Ravn IT

Web Developer
Snebærvej 11, 4200 Slagelse, Denmark
Started 02/2012 - 03/2013
I worked as a consultant, helping existing and new customers with their website and intranets. I got Google Adwords certified and succesfully got new customer that wanted IT support.

Gorm Larsen & Zornig

Front-end Developer
Hillerødgade 30, 2200 København N, Denmark
Started 04/2013 - 05/2014
I worked as a front-end developer on a advertising agency, helping my primary customer DONG Energy A/S with everything front-end related on their website, www.dongenergy.dk. I did the change of the frontpage, online contents, help pages and the whole new product section about their new electric thermostat.

Blackwood Seven A/S

Senior Developer
Livjægergade 17B, 2100 København, Denmark
Started 06/2014 - 08/2014
I was hired to help them building their automated adversiting placement backend, which included a lot of JavaScript with Backbone.js. I worked a lot on improving the development experience of reproducible enviroments.


Lead Front-end Developer
Njalsgade 19, 2300 København, Denmark
Started 09/2014 - 06/2015
I was hired as Lead front-end developer, redid the whole profile page with React.js that ended up with more than 100 modules. I was responsible for the development environments. Optimized CSS style generation time from minutes to seconds.


CEO / Full Stack Developer
Njalsgade 19, 2300 København, Denmark
Started 07/2015 - 09/2016
I started a company together with my friend where we created a hosting platform based on Docker. We were interviewed by Y-Combinator for the idea S15. We built it with Node.js, React.js, Mongo, RabbitMQ.

Connected Cars

CTO / Full Stack Developer
Banemarksvej 2B, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark
Started 10/2016 - 07/2017
Started from the start working on making a platform for Connected Cars for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen. It is built with Node.js and React and deployed with Docker and Kubernetes.

Connected Cars

VP Engineering
Banemarksvej 2B, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark
Started 08/2017
Started from the start working on making a platform for Connected Cars for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen. It is built with Node.js and React and deployed with Docker and Kubernetes.


I am current active in two meetup groups.


A monthly meetup group for people who like javascript.

Docker Copenhagen

A meetup group that likes Docker and wants to improve their workflow.