Why I find trello not useful for project management

I really appreciate how easy trello is and easy it is to categorize tasks into different buckets, but there is a few things that makes it basically impossible to do a longrunning project in trello. Those reasons makes it even tiring to start with trello because you think of the down road obstacles.

Search is terrible

You can see how the card matched or how active the card has been, you only see a really small preview. Search in itself is not bad, but the view that is so small is terrible, that you can't open it unto a new page and it has to be a dropdown all the time.

When you click a search result you loose the query you wrote! WHAT! If you clicked the wrong card you have to search again and find the next item in the dropdown and click again. Nobody have the patience for that and therefore nobody goes back a read important history.

Fix: skip the drown Fix: make it possible to link to searches Fix: don't loose the search query when you just click a simple card

Archived cards are impossible to find

It takes multiple clicks to find the list of archived cards. "Show menu" -> "More" -> "Archived Items". This list only contains a small list of the archived cards and you have to click at the bottom "Load more cards" to continue scrolling and seeing all the cards.

Done tasks are a big part of projects and looking back onto tasks you have done when for example new projects member join the project and wants to understand what tasks has been done and maybe why some tasks where decided on not to be done. Often you create a task and then discuss whether you should do it and that information gets lost in trello, because it is so difficult to find delete tasks.

Fix: Allow me to see Archived cards with one click Fix: Allow me to read many cards quickly with the keyboard

Why search and archived/closed issues/tasks are important

Issues/tasks on github often appears in Google search results and are a important tool for figuring out history and solving problems. None of that is available with Trello.

I often search before creating issues on github to see if the issue has been brought up before and what people wrote at that time.

You will also see what persons have created which issues in the past so you know who to talk to about problems you have or task you are trying to solve.

So, I prefer using a task tracker that makes it super easy to search and view closed tasks and that is why I don't prefer Trello.

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